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Gnc faq

Initial Set-Up

  • Check Pump and Engine Oil Levels
  • Check Engine Gas Level—Add Fuel as needed
  • Check Engine Gas Shut Off— Set to Open position
  • Check Engine Throttle—Set to Full Throttle (Rabbit)
  • Check Pump Regulator Setting
    • Large Red Knob Set to “START” position


  • Set Engine Switch to “ON”
  • Check Pump Regulator Setting
    • Large Red Knob Set to “START” position
    • Small Black Knob—Set to “PRESSURE RELEASE
  • Pull Engine Cord (Use choke as needed)
  • Once Engine is started
    • Set Regulator knob to desired PSI
What is the standard lead time?

Sprayers during peak season ship within 10 business days + transit.

What pump and engine oil do I use and how often do I need to change it?

Break in oil is NON-DETERGENT SAE 30. After break-in time (20 hrs.), see oil above chart. First oil change should be done after 20 hrs., then every 6 months or 100 hrs. of use.

How do I start the system?

See above “Initial Set-Up” & “Operations”.

What Size Belts?

Belts are A32.

What throttle setting do I need to set the engine?

Engines are factory pre-set to be run at “FULL” throttle. Only use your pressure regulator to set the desired pressure and volume.

What are the key maintenance items?
  • Clean suction filter every 1-3 days. Use petroleum jelly on o-ring for an air-tight seal.
  • Change pump and engine oil per specs. (20hr break in/100hr thereafter)
  • Check hose connections monthly.
  • Flush system with clean water daily.
  • Winterize unit during cold periods. Note: It may be 35 degrees, however, wind chill factor driving 55 mph is much lower.